Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Versatile 
Lightweight, portable Slim Book keyboard and case not only protects your device, it lets you unleash your creativity and increase your productivity. Transform your tablet and use it like a laptop. The Slim Book operates in keyboard mode, case mode, video mode, and book mode.


Slim, Sleek Protection 
Slim Book provides reliable protection with a lightweight, streamlined, polycarbonate case that fits easily in your bag. The sturdy keyboard gives you a solid surface to type on, just like a laptop. When you?ve finished, simply close Slim Book, slip it into your bag, and go confidently knowing your tablet is protected


Rechargeable Battery 
Nothing is worse than opening your tablet, sitting down to work, and realizing your battery is on its last legs. Slim Book?s rechargeable battery keeps you typing up to two years between charges*. The sleep/wake function helps preserve battery life when the keyboard is not in use.


*based on regular use of 1 hour a day.Detachable Case 
The Slim Book case detaches from the keyboard which allows you to place your device on one surface and type with the keyboard on another. The detachable case also lets you function in four modes: book, keyboard, case, and video. 


Multi-Pairing Capability 
You can take multi-tasking to a whole new level, thanks to Slim Book?s multi-pairing capability. Pair the keyboard with three different devices, like your tablet, smart tv and your smart phone, and then toggle between them with just the click of a button.Multiple Viewing Angles 
Slim Book?s adjustable magnetic cradle hinge holds your device securely at multiple viewing angles perfect for typing, reading, or just watching a movie or video chatting with friends. When you?re finished, the keyboard folds flat, providing additional protection for your device. 


Laptop-Style Keys 
The ability to work anywhere doesn?t mean much if you can?t work comfortably. Laptop-style keys make typing easy, and the backlight feature lets you type in lowlight conditions